Keith Levit first picked up a second hand camera twenty-five years ago. The ensuing years have seen Keith creatively pursue his concept of merging photography and art, in both the black and white and colour mediums. Although based in Winnipeg, many of Keith's images have been created during his extensive travels throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North & South America. His passion for photography, love of travel and adventure, coupled with his sensitive, profound, honest affection for people, embody images that capture the heart and soul of the world's most remote and inaccessible regions and the people who inhabit them. Keith transcends the medium of travel-photojournalism capturing the mystical beauty, harmony and hardships of the inhabitants of these lands.

"Making photographs is as essential a part of my being as breathing or eating. It is one of the necessary functions of living. My constant desire to make photographs is actually the urge within me to capture a moment of time of my world, just as I open my eyes to give substance to my sight.

A photograph should be the expression of a photographer's complex personality….time may change the technique of photography but it can never alter its mission…

Photography must first and foremost be loved; it must come from the heart and it must be directed to the heart. Otherwise it cannot hope to be a lasting, indestructible art.

My love of adventure and travel has always been coupled to my photography. I couldn't imagine exploring the world without my camera in tow. My camera motivates me to the higher peak, to travel greater distances. A sunrise or sunset, a landscape, a child's smile is so much more beautiful when my camera is by my side.

I think photography is like learning a language. At first you think so hard about every word. And then at some point those words simply become part of you and roll off your tongue. After working very hard at it, my art is now part of me. I'm finally fluent."

Keith promotes his business of commercial and fine art photography under the name of Keith Levit Photography. His boundless passion for photography is evident at his web-site